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(Summary description)公司坚持量才适用,因能定岗,运用能者上,平者让,庸者下的竞争机制,激发员工的潜能,给人才以成长的条件,以员工的能力和贡献衡量员工对企业的价值,使品行端正、敬业勤勉、业务能力强、工作效率高的人才脱颖而出。使人尽其才,能尽其用。


(Summary description)公司坚持量才适用,因能定岗,运用能者上,平者让,庸者下的竞争机制,激发员工的潜能,给人才以成长的条件,以员工的能力和贡献衡量员工对企业的价值,使品行端正、敬业勤勉、业务能力强、工作效率高的人才脱颖而出。使人尽其才,能尽其用。





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Aviation transmission systems delivered successful

After one and a half years of research and development, the low-altitude heavy-load aircraft transmission system components were successfully delivered to the customer on May 24 and will be used for the assembly of two tilt-rotor prototypes with a load capacity of 6 ton. In the next step, the company will continue to dedicate R&D and testing resources to enrich aviation transmission chain products, expand the market for low-altitude aircraft transmission systems and build aviation transmission systems into a new business pilar.

Nordex 5. XMW high-speed coupling successfully delivered today

On May 17, 2024, 5.XMW high-speed coupling developed for Nordex SE passed the customer's on-site approval and was sent to Germany for installation for field test. This is a crucial step for YCM's high speed coupling to enter the overseas market. Nordex SE is a leading wind turbine manufacturer headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, specializing in providing high output, cost-effective wind turbines with the ranges from 4 MW to over 6 MW for mature and emerging markets for various geographical and climatic conditions. As of 2023, the company has installed approximately 50 gigawatts (GW) of wind power in over 40 mature markets worldwide. The revenue in 2023 is approximately 6.5 billion Euro. The business cooperation between YCM and Nordex has been deeply cultivated for many years. After two years of hard work, our company has completed the design, sample making, and testing of 5.XMW high-speed couplings. The customer representatives performed on-site evaluation and agreed on the shipment to the customer, which is worth celebrating. Our R&D team collaborated with functional departments to complete the design,manufacturing and delivery of the 5.XMW coupling, strengthening our understanding of foreign products and laying a solid foundation for launching the design work for 6.XMW high-speed coupling. This will greatly advance the globalization of YCM's high speed coupling business and achieve rapid and healthy business development. As one of the core businesses of YCM, coupling business has formed a series of products with a sliding torque coverage up to 180KNM, covering 1.5MW, 2XMW, 3XMW, 4XMW, 5XMW, 6XMW, 7XMW, 8XMW, 9XMW, and 15XMW. The company can provide customers with customized, reliable, and systematic coupling system solutions, better serving markets home and abroad.  

ABB Guests Visited YCM

On April 18, 2024, Kari Lollo, Senior Vice President of ABB Finland's Large Electric Motors and Generators Division, led a procurement team of Robbie Wang( SCM Director), May Song(Sourcing Leader), and Shirley Wu( Fulfillment Manager) to visit Luoyang Yun Yunchuan Co., Ltd. (YCM) for a one-day visit. Ms. Li Fushou, General Manager of YCM, led the team from Business Department, Technology Department, and Production Department to receive ABB customers. During the visit, both parties introduced their respective enterprise information and mutual needs, and had in-depth exchanges on the problems that existed in the existing cooperation. ABB guests visited the entire production process and production sites. The customer gave high praise to our company's site management. In 2020, the company began to establish a cooperative relationship with ABB and achieved serial delivery in 2021. After more than four years of running in, the company currently covers the vast majority of products from ABB's factories in Finland and Estonia. Induction motor products can be produced up to AMI900, and synchronous motor products can be produced up to AMG1120. In 2024, AMG1600, AMZ900, and AMZ710 large motor products will be added on the basis of last year. As of now, ABB has delivered a total of 873 units (sets) of products. Through this on-site visit both parties had frank communication, deepened mutual trust and understanding and look forward to the future promising partnership.

ABB Finnish Guests Visiting YCM

On March 3, 2024, Janne Holopainen, the procurement manager of ABB's Finnish factory, and Raine Kuusisto, a surface treatment specialist, came to YCM for a three-day visit. During the visit, the customer visited the entire production process of the factory and the supporting collaborative units related to ABB products. On site they track tour work shops to check the welding operation and result of its products as well as the coating of the products.  Guests provided a lot of guidance and insight to us to improve the process. The guests gave high praise to our company's quality assurance system and on-site management. In 2019, the company began to establish a cooperative relationship with ABB. After more than three years of running in, the company currently covers the vast majority of products for ABB's factories in Finland and Estonia. Induction motor/generator products can be produced up to AMI900, and synchronous motor products can be produced up to AMG1600. In 2024, several large-scale products including AMG1600, AMZ900, and AMZ710 will be added to the supply scope. Through this on-site evaluation and frank communication between both parties, mutual trust and understanding have been deepened, and the business partnership of mutual trust has been consolidated. The business plan for the end of 2024 has been confirmed. The company also takes this opportunity to upgrade quality assurance system to ensure the implementation of product quality standards required by ABB customers in order to continuously and stably provide customers with satisfactory products and services to achieve mutual development. 
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