YCM, Your Reliable Wind Coupling Supplier YCM, Your Reliable Wind Coupling Supplier

YCM, Your Reliable Wind Coupling Supplier

Focus on drive train systems, casting and welding for wind power business and other heavy machinery sectors
High quality, creating brand value High quality, creating brand value

High quality, creating brand value

   Simplicity, transparency, efficiency and care    Simplicity, transparency, efficiency and care

Simplicity, transparency, efficiency and care

We advocate the enterprise values of simplicity, transparency, efficiency and care.

About us

Focus on drive train systems, casting and welding for wind power business and other heavy machinery sectors


  • Founded in 2008
  • R&D and Mfg Hub in Luoyang, China
  • Representative office in Frankfort am Main, Germany to manage EU business
  • Easy connection to Tianjin Port(800KM) or Qingdao(700KM) for global logistics
  • 160 employees
  • Workshop Floor Space: 17,000 m² 
  • Certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO45001
  • EN 1090 and EN ISO 3834 certified
  • National high-tech enterprise
  • The company has 33 +patented technologies
  • Focus on drive train systems, casting and welding for wind power business and other heavy machinery sectors


  • 2008


    Founded in

  • 30000

    Workshop Floor Space

  • 160



  • 33


    Patented technologies

Innovation · Quality 

The company invests in purchasing advanced detecting instrument and equipment, develops excellent employees, implements quality, safety and environmental and occupational systems and practices the mission of achieving excellence via quality. 


The company researches, develops and manufactures over 40 types of components and parts in driving part, structural part, casting part and conveying categories for energy equipment and other fields.


Global Operation to Serve Clients 


Americas: - Brighton, USA - Vancouver, Canada South - Jaragua, Brazil

Europe: - Lübeck, Germany - Televemünde, Germany - Orfeo, Spain - Helsinki, Finland - Frankfurt, Germany

Asia Pacific: - Beijing, China - Tianjin, China - Changzhou, China - Tomago, Australia - Luoyang, China - Baoji, China


 Facilitate our customer’s profitability and productivity with our accountability, expertise and professionalism




The company wins trusts from vast clients through active business development mode, effective quality assurance system, powerful casting and machining capacity, good project management capability and supply performance.。

2024-03 08
ABB Finnish Guests Visiting YCM
On March 3, 2024, Janne Holopainen, the procurement manager of ABB's Finnish factory, and Raine Kuusisto, a surface treatment specialist, came to YCM for a three-day visit. During the visit, the customer visited the entire production process of the factory and the supporting collaborative units related to ABB products. On site they track tour work shops to check the welding operation and result of its products as well as the coating of the products.  Guests provided a lot of guidance and insight to us to improve the process. The guests gave high praise to our company's quality assurance system and on-site management. In 2019, the company began to establish a cooperative relationship with ABB. After more than three years of running in, the company currently covers the vast majority of products for ABB's factories in Finland and Estonia. Induction motor/generator products can be produced up to AMI900, and synchronous motor products can be produced up to AMG1600. In 2024, several large-scale products including AMG1600, AMZ900, and AMZ710 will be added to the supply scope. Through this on-site evaluation and frank communication between both parties, mutual trust and understanding have been deepened, and the business partnership of mutual trust has been consolidated. The business plan for the end of 2024 has been confirmed. The company also takes this opportunity to upgrade quality assurance system to ensure the implementation of product quality standards required by ABB customers in order to continuously and stably provide customers with satisfactory products and services to achieve mutual development. 
2024-03 08
Guest from Nordex SE Wind Visits YCM
From February 28th to 29th, 2024, a delegation of two from Nordex SE, Germany, visited the company as Raphael Jureczko Global Sourcing Manager and Nina Du Sourcing Manager. Li Fushou,General Manager,  received guests with executives and technical R&D engineers . During their stay in the company, guests visited the cutting, machining, assembly, testing and other processes of coupling production to understand the entire process of product development and manufacturing, as well as the details of quality control. Through communication on design and munifacturing, both parties have deepened their deep understanding of the coupling product. As one of the core businesses of YCM, the coupling business has formed a series of products with a max sliding torque coverage till for now 180KNM, covering 1.5MW, 2. XMW, 3. XMW, 4. XMW, 5. XMW, 6. XMW, 7. XMW, 8. XMW, 9. XMW, and 15. XMW. We can provide customers with customized and reliable wind coupling solutions to serve home and abroad markets. The business cooperation between YCM and Nordex has been deeply cultivated for many years, and the design, sample production and function testing of 5MW high-speed couplings have been completed. At the same time, the design work of 6MW high-speed couplings has been initiated. Through this on-site visit , the approval of samples has been rapidly expedited, which will greatly advance the internationalization of YCM business to achieve rapid and healthy business growth. Nordex SE is a leading wind turbine manufacturer headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, specializing in providing high output, cost-effective power ranges from 4 megawatts (MW) to over 6 MW for mature and emerging markets for various geographical and climatic conditions. As of 2023, the company has installed approximately 50 gigawatts (GW) of wind power in over 40 mature markets worldwide. The sales revenue in 2023 is approximately 6.5 billion euros. Nordex SE is one of the world's leading wind power suppliers.  
2023-12 25
Congratulations on YCM won the SANY Renewable Energy "Lean Quality Award"
On December 15, 2023, General Manager Li Fushou of Luoyang Yunchuan Co., LTD. (referred to as YCM or Company) was invited to Beijing to participate in the 2023 annual supplier conference of SANY Renewable EnergyCo., LTD. (referred to as SANY Renewable Energy) and communicate with more than 80 suppliers of SANY Renewable Energy nationwide. Reunite righteousness to gather talents, and inaugurate a new journey together. At the conference, YCM was awarded the "Lean Quality Award" issued by SANY Renewable Energy. Gold cup silver cup is not as good as the user's reputation. High-speed wind powercoupling products are one of the company's core businesses, the company after years of continuous investment, close cooperation with customers, especially with Sany Renewable Energy  cooperation, customized R&D, innovative products. YCM has formed a series of products with 1.5MW, 2.0.XMW, 3.XMW, 4.XMW, 5.XMW, 6.XMW, 7.XMW, 8.XMW, 9.XMW, 10.XMW, slip torque covering 180KNM. Taking this as an opportunity, YCM continues to uphold the concept of “Quality in Everything”, adhere to lean management, and closely cooperate with SANY Renewable Energy, continuous improvement, to provide customers with cost-effective, competitive products and services.
2023-11 29
Ingeteam Guests Visited YCM
From November 24 to 25, 2023, Global Purchasing Manager of Ingeteam Mr. Mikel Berdugo, Purchasing Director of China Mr. Daniel Wang, and Commercial Manager of Ingeteam Ms.Kaya, visited Yun Chuan Co., LTD.(YCM). General Manager of YCM Li Fushou led the managers of the Commercial department, Technical Department, Quality Department and other functional departments to warmly receive the visiting guests, and both sides introduced the latest development of their respective companies and the willingness of cooperation between the two sides. Ingeteam guests visited the site of fabrication, casting and machining, and satisfied with the cooperation between the two sides. YCM started to supply small casting and machining parts of generators for Ingeteam(formerly known as Indar) in 2021, and has been highly recognized by customers in terms of quality, on-time delivery and service. Through this visit, the two sides have enhanced understanding and brought opportunities for further expanding business cooperation.

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