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Xuji 3.6MW coupler was handed over.

(Summary description)On June 13, 2021, Xuji wind power 3.6MW coupler researched and manufactured by the company was handed over and mounted and tested on Lushi County wind farm in Sanmenxia, Henan Province.

Xuji 3.6MW coupler was handed over.

(Summary description)On June 13, 2021, Xuji wind power 3.6MW coupler researched and manufactured by the company was handed over and mounted and tested on Lushi County wind farm in Sanmenxia, Henan Province.




ABB- European Customer Visit YCM

From 22 to 24 May 2023, Finland ABB Supply Chain Manager Vesa Hukki, Finland ABB Category Manager Janne Holopainen & Hannu Paivinen, Estonia ABB SQE Nikolai Voltsihhin, a group of four people take a three-days visit to our company - LUOYANG YUNCHUAN CO., LTD (YCM). During the inspection visit, the customers visited the entire production process of our factories, and the supporting cooperative factories related to ABB products, and they audited the company's quality management system  documents, tracked the welding of test piece on the scene and identified the welding results, and instructed the operators on site. The customer spoke highly of our company's quality assurance system and site management, and started the next cooperation project. In 2019, YCM began to establish a partnership with ABB. After more than three years of run-in, YCM has covered most products of ABB factories in Finland and Estonia. Induction motor products can be covered to AMI 900. Synchronous motor products can be covered to AMG1120. At present, water jacket project is being started. By the end of April 2023, YCM has provided ABB a total of 548pcs AMI400, 450 and 500 frames, 48pcs AMI630 and 710 frames, and 10 sets of AMG710 and 1120 frame ends. Through the on-site audit and candid face to face exchanges between both parties, the mutual trust and understanding have been deepened, the business partnership of mutual trust has been consolidated, and a solid foundation has been laid for further expanding the business. YCM also takes this opportunity to continue to promote quality control, to ensure the implementation of product quality standards required by ABB, to continuously and stably provide customers with satisfactory products and services, and to achieve common development of both sides.

Domestic 10.XMW High-speed Coupling Successfully Installed

On May 15, 2023, the 10.XMW high-speed diaphragm coupling with 150KNM of slip torque developed by our company(YCM) for SANY Renewable Energy was successfully assembled in its Beijing factory and put into running. This is an important step for YCM to realize localization of large wind turbine couplings. It is the domestic coupling with largest skid torque currently. In September 2022, YCM and the customer from the project development contract and technical agreement signing, design, production, assembly inspection, calibration and debugging, YCM and SANY work together, close cooperation, overcome the adverse impact of Covid-19, and achieve acceptance & delivery in about six months. The installation was successfully completed on May 15. YCM has completed the preparation of production technology and created conditions for batch delivery.   Innovation is the driving force, quality is the guarantee. At this point, YCM has formed 1.5MW, 2.XMW, 3.XMW, 4.XMW, 5.XMW, 6.XMW, 7.XMW, 8.XMW, 9.XMW, 10.XMW, skid torque covering 180KNM serialized products. We can provide customers with customized, complete, reliable, systematic solutions of wind turbine coupling system, and better serve domestic and foreign OEMs.

Practice Social Responsibility Demonstrate Corporate Accountability

On the morning of May 9, 2023, our company was rated as "Caring Enterprise" and awarded the honorary certificate of "Caring Enterprise" in the 2022 annual summary of Xin 'an County Justice-Upholding Volunteer Work and "99 Public Welfare Day commendation Meeting". we adhering to the responsibility and accountability, strive to contribute to the society, with practical actions to perform social responsibilities.

Pursue Outstanding Together with the Top Players

On March 27, 2023, Our company (YCM) participated in the "2023 SANY Renewable Energy Supplier New Spring Tea Forum" held by SANY Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. ("SANY Renewable Energy ") in Beijing. At the conference, YCM was awarded the " SANY Renewable Energy Strategic Partner" medal. YCM has become a member of SANY Renewable Energy strategic supplier circle, and will contribute YCM power to support SANY Renewable Energy to achieve the strategic goal of "Top 3 in five years、To be top two". Cooperate with the strong and compete to be top two. YCM began to cooperate with SANY Renewable Energy in 2020 to develop YCM wind power coupling products. Both parties are wholeheartedly committed to achieving a win-win situation with a alliance. Currently, YCM has formed a series of products with 1.5MW, 2.0.XMW, 3.XMW, 4.XMW, 5.XMW, 6.XMW, 7.XMW, 8.XMW, 9.XMW, 10.XMW, slip torque covering from 15KNM to 180KNM. YCM can provide customers with customized, complete, reliable, and systematic wind coupling system solutions.   Utilize the opportunity of SANY Renewable Energy "14 years Riding Wind,  Gather Force New Journey ", YCM will continue to increase investment in R&D, improve technical level, seize the high point of wind power coupling technology, achieve product localization, and replace imports; Adhering to promises, winning public praise, increasing market share, and becoming a well-known brand in the coupling industry.
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