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Business Development

(Summary description)Siemens-Gamesa generator casting part business was started.

Business Development

(Summary description)Siemens-Gamesa generator casting part business was started.



Congratulations on YCM won the SANY Renewable Energy "Lean Quality Award"

On December 15, 2023, General Manager Li Fushou of Luoyang Yunchuan Co., LTD. (referred to as YCM or Company) was invited to Beijing to participate in the 2023 annual supplier conference of SANY Renewable EnergyCo., LTD. (referred to as SANY Renewable Energy) and communicate with more than 80 suppliers of SANY Renewable Energy nationwide. Reunite righteousness to gather talents, and inaugurate a new journey together. At the conference, YCM was awarded the "Lean Quality Award" issued by SANY Renewable Energy. Gold cup silver cup is not as good as the user's reputation. High-speed wind powercoupling products are one of the company's core businesses, the company after years of continuous investment, close cooperation with customers, especially with Sany Renewable Energy  cooperation, customized R&D, innovative products. YCM has formed a series of products with 1.5MW, 2.0.XMW, 3.XMW, 4.XMW, 5.XMW, 6.XMW, 7.XMW, 8.XMW, 9.XMW, 10.XMW, slip torque covering 180KNM. Taking this as an opportunity, YCM continues to uphold the concept of “Quality in Everything”, adhere to lean management, and closely cooperate with SANY Renewable Energy, continuous improvement, to provide customers with cost-effective, competitive products and services.

Ingeteam Guests Visited YCM

From November 24 to 25, 2023, Global Purchasing Manager of Ingeteam Mr. Mikel Berdugo, Purchasing Director of China Mr. Daniel Wang, and Commercial Manager of Ingeteam Ms.Kaya, visited Yun Chuan Co., LTD.(YCM). General Manager of YCM Li Fushou led the managers of the Commercial department, Technical Department, Quality Department and other functional departments to warmly receive the visiting guests, and both sides introduced the latest development of their respective companies and the willingness of cooperation between the two sides. Ingeteam guests visited the site of fabrication, casting and machining, and satisfied with the cooperation between the two sides. YCM started to supply small casting and machining parts of generators for Ingeteam(formerly known as Indar) in 2021, and has been highly recognized by customers in terms of quality, on-time delivery and service. Through this visit, the two sides have enhanced understanding and brought opportunities for further expanding business cooperation.

German Flender Guests Visited YCM

From November 18 to 19, 2023, Global Commercial Manager David Seegers, Global Commercial Manager Ms. Zhou Yanjing, Global Commodity Engineer Tobias Obermeier, SQE Mr. Xue Ji, and a group of four people visited Luoyang Yun Chuan Co., LTD. (" YCM ") for two days to audit the quality management system of YCM and audit the first sample of the welding frame on site. Li Fushou, our general manager, with company executives and the managers of relevant departments to warmly receive the guests, focused on the report and exchange of the implementation of the proposed rectification issues since August this year, as well as the technical understanding and detailed process of the first sample order. Guests visited the site to inspect the samples and gave suggestions for improvement. Through this in-depth exchange, the two sides are full of confidence in the next step of cooperation and will continue to push forward. Flender is one of the world's largest manufacturers of specialized power transmission equipment and holds a leading position in the drive industry. With the business philosophy of "Quality in Everything", YCM will quickly make the first sample and complete the delivery according to customer requirements, and create conditions for the next batch production. Walk with the strong, win-win cooperation.

Flender Guest Visited YCM

From August 2nd to 4th, 2023, Ms Yanjing Zhou, Strategic Purchasing Responsible of FLENDER Co., Ltd. China (referred to as FLENDER) and Mr Ji Xue, Supply Chain Quality Engineer, visited Luoyang Yun Chuan Co., Ltd. (referred to as "YCM") to perform a three days’ on-site audit on the company's quality system and manufacturing of welded frames for generator and motors. Ms Li Fushou, General Manager presented customers with a detailed introduction to the company's current business, product portfolio, production capacity, quality management system, etc., especially in the manufacturing standards and processes of welded frames for generator and motor application. She also took a tour in shops along together with guests. Flanders is one of the world's leading manufacturers of power transmission equipments. Through the three days’ systematic audit and on-site observation, Flender guests feedbacked that YCM owns a well-established quality assurance system and has a long experience in manufacturing welded components covering max height of 3900 mm and they are very confident in the next step of cooperation. Meanwhile, some findings are mentioned and the corrective action measures are also proposed for further cooperation. Work together with industrial top players for win-win benefits. Both parties have confidence to the promising future of the coming cooperation.
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