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Batch Delivery of High Speed Couplings for Large Megawatt Wind Turbines Kicks Off

On January 28, a truck loaded with 6.X coupling products slowly drove out of YCM Jingjin Road Plant, which marks that the company's large megawatt coupling successfully achieved batch supply in 2023 after careful development last year, and achieved a new successful start in YCM wind energy coupling business. With the long-term cooperation with leading enterprises in the wind energy sector, YCM has established the series of 1.5MW, 2.XMW, 3.XMW, 4.XMW, 5.XMW, 6.XMW and 7.XMW wind power coupling products after several years of research and development, especially for large-megawatt coupling products above 6.XMW. This year we won the major split share of 6.X coupling supply with one customer and the start of batch delivery today realized a breakthrough. The business mode with high quality, quick response and flexible delivery will result in more and faster cooperation with customers home and abroad, especially under the trend of  large megawatt wind turbine application.


500th HSS Coupling Marking Historical Record at YCM

On 11 November, 2022, a ceremony was held at Fuxing Plant to celebrate the 500th HSS coupling delivered in 2022. Up till the day, there are 579 sets of HSS coupling shipped out to customers which marks the great milestone in YCM history. So far we have established the complete product portfolio from 1.5MW till 7.XMW with the slip torque up to 130KNm. Afterwards, we will keep investing on HSS coupling to expand the range of products and the scope of application to aim at the well-known brand in renewable energy industry.


CRCC HSS Couplings Ramp Up Successfully

On September 30, 2022, 4 sets of 3.6MW high speed shaft couplings developed by YCM for CRRC Shandong Wind Power Co., Ltd. successfully passed the customer's on-site approval and got release the same day. The success of this project  not only demonstrates our fast responsiveness to customer needs, one and half months from design data input to delivery, but also upgrades our company's coupling market share  as well as expands the company's circle of friends in wind energy industry.


The 1.5MW coupling developed by the YCM for HEAG Wind Energy passed the customer acceptance and was delivered to the wind farm

On September 1, 2022, the YCM customized and developed a 14KNM, 1.5MW high-speed coupling (model HY141000) for HEAG Wind Energy Co., Ltd., which successfully passed the customer acceptance. Two prototypes are delivered. The successful R&D of this project has enabled the company's coupling products to have a complete pedigree from 1.5MW to 7.XMW, providing users with more choices. Better customer service.  


The 6. X coupling developed by the YCM passed the customer acceptance and was delivered to the user

On July 10, 2022, the 6. XMW coupling developed by the YCM for the customer with a slip torque of 65KNM passed the customer's on-site acceptance, and was delivered to the customer on the same day. The R&D Department, production and other departments of the company closely cooperate with customers, organize meticulously, and pass a series of tests in strict accordance with customer requirements to meet the design standards and meet customer needs. The successful research and development of this project has made the coupling series product series more perfect, which can better and quickly meet the needs of wind turbine development towards large megawatts.  


The YCM completed the first batch of professional skill level identification

According to the document spirit of the State Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on< reforming and improving the evaluation system for skilled talents>, our company successfully passed the filing of the State Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, obtained the qualification of "vocational skill level certification authority", and completed the work of "the first batch of vocational skill level evaluation and recognition" in June 2022. A total of 42 employees participated in the "vocational skill level identification", including 6 technicians (Level II), 16 senior workers (Level III), 17 intermediate workers (Level IV) and 3 junior workers (Level V). The company will continue to improve the quality of its employees through the specially built "skilled personnel training platform", focusing on the training, selection, evaluation, use, incentive and technical exchange of skilled personnel, giving full play to the core role of "skilled personnel" in the production and operation of the enterprise, and promoting the development of the enterprise with high skills and quality.


The company's customer CRRC YONGJI ELECTRIC Co., Ltd. visited YCM

On July 1, 2022, in order to strengthen the further cooperation between the companies, Li Yongmei, Deputy General Manager of CRRC YONGJI ELECTRIC Co., Ltd., Secretary of the Party Committee of Xi'an CRRC YONGDIAN JIELI Wind Energy Co., Ltd., and Deputy General Manager of Wind Power Business, led a delegation of four people to our company for field vist. Li Fushou, the general manager of the company, Zhang Guolong, the deputy general manager of the company and others warmly welcomed YONGJI's customers and introduced them in detail from the company's current situation, product types, capacity scale, quality management and other aspects. The two companies' product supply and demand fit very well. Both parties hope to further expand the scope of business cooperation and achieve a win-win situation.  


7. XMW coupling was successfully developed and delivered to customers for use

On June 22, 2022, the 7. XMW coupling developed by the company for SANY Renewable Energy, with a slip torque of 105KNM, was successfully assembled on the 915 main engine of SANY Beijing Plant. After the complete machine is tested on the site, it is delivered to the wind farm for installation and commissioning, delivered to the owner, and put into operation.   So far, the company has successfully developed 3. XMW; 4.XMW; 5.XMW; 6.XMW; 7. XMW coupling platform can quickly provide customers with coupling products of different models and specifications with the maximum slip torque of 105KNM, and adapt to the demand of wind turbine generator units for large megawatt development. The company has delivered nearly 300 sets of couplings to customers.   (Note: June 22 is the trading day when SANY Renewable Energy Co., Ltd. was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of Shanghai Stock Exchange.)  
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