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SANY 3.3MW High-speed Coupling Serial Delivery Launched

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On August 6, 2021, the 3.3MW high-speed coupling developed and produced for SANY realized mass supply which indicates the cooperation with SANY to a new level. . Through close cooperation for nearly a year, YCM has successfully developed high-speed couplings for 3.3MW, 3.6MW, 4.0MW, and 4.5MW wind turbines for SANY. The batch production agreement was signed and the batch production started in July. The 5.0MW coupling is currently under development and is planned to be delivered by the end of September. So far, YCM has established the mass production and delivery capabilities to provide couplings for SANY, and supports customers' business growth by providing more cost-effective localized products and convenient local service.

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