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Manufacturing Hub: West Fuxing Road, Luoxin Industrial Cluster Zone, Xin’an County, Luoyang 471822, Henan, China

China Technology Center: Bisheng Park, No.2 Penglai Road, Jianxi District, Luoyang 471003, Henan,China

TEL: +86 379 60695515       +86 379 60695509

Research and Development Center


In 2017, YCM was approved as the Municipal Corporate Research and Development Center by Luoyang government and it was granted with a state level hi- tech Enterprise approval in 2018. 


In 2018 YCM has set up China Technology Center In Luoyang National University Science Park and has been planning a European technology center. It has also established cooperation with a number of well-known universities, including RWTH Aachen University, to develop and optimize high-end products.


The technology center focus on drive technology and new materials developnment. This includes drive train product development for wind turbine generation and high-speed train application as well as development of ultralow temperature and/or higher strength casting.


R&D Tools


High-end casting is developed in cooperation with Magma.The softwares such as Autocad,

Pro-E, Solidworks and ANSYS are applied in design and development. 



R&D Team


A R&D team is organized together with the talented experts in new materials and drive technology. Per the needs of projects we work with industrial experts home and abroad including those from RWTH Aachen University and Germany based IBT.



   Casting Simulation            3-D Modeling                        Fatigue Analysis                     Dynamic Simulation

R&D Deliverables


We treat each product with care and strict criteria.


Capable of designing high end cylinders for wind industry;


Capable of designing, manufacturing and testing of wind couplings;


Capable of designing \ manufacturing and testing of ultra-low temperature and high strength castings.


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Wind Cylinder

Main Facilities

Horizontal Machining Center
Boring-Milling Machine
Gantry Machining Center
Vertical Lathe
VerticalMachining Center